From Scratch Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Posted by jennifer peppers on

Everyone loves a soft, warm cinnamon roll! Made from scratch from our own sourdough starter, it sounds complicated but it is one of the easiest recipes I've made! If you know me, you know I am not a master in the kitchen. So I am excited to share this with you! 

Your family will love you for this and it's the perfect time of the year to fill your kitchen with the aroma of cinnamon and sugar.

Here's what you need:

(For the dough)

1 Cup Sourdough starter

1 Cup milk (heated 1 minute)

1 Egg

1/4 Cup Sugar

1 Tsp salt

2 Tbs soft butter

Splash of vanilla

3 Cups bread flour

(For the filling)

1 Stick very soft butter (microwave 15 secs if necessary)

4 Tbs white sugar

4 Tbs brown sugar

3 Tbs Cinnamon

(For the glaze)

2 Cups powdered sugar 


splash of vanilla

Milk (to desired or pourable consistency)

Here's what you do:

In a mixing bowl add warm milk and sourdough starter and stir together well. Add the egg, sugar, salt, butter and vanilla and mix well. Now add your flour 1 cup at a time to your wet ingredients, mixing well in between. Cover with plastic wrap or a lid and let proof overnight or 8 -12 hours.

After your dough has completed it's first proof, it should have doubled in size. Now you can start on your filling.

In a small bowl combine very soft (but not melted) butter, white and brown sugar and cinnamon and mix well. 

On a floured surface dump your dough and form into a ball. You'll need to flour your hands well, the dough will be sticky. Once your dough ball is formed, roll it out and form a rectangle. Dough layer should be very thin but not so thin it tears. 

Spread your filling over the entire surface of the dough and gently use your fingertips to begin rolling into a log. 

Cut into approximately 2 inch sections (should make around 12 rolls) 

Place in skillet or on baking sheet 2 inches apart, set aside to proof a second time for around 2 hours. Rolls should double in size depending on the warmth of your kitchen. 

Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes. Let cool for 10-15 minutes and pour glaze over the top.