*** We are not currently able to accept custom orders as we are still transitioning into our new home and workspace. However, for future reference, some of your custom order questions may be answered below. If not, feel free to email me with your questions. We will post on our social media accounts and update our email list when we resume the customs so make sure you're plugged in!

1. Can you recreate designs I find on Pinterest?

This is a common question and while I too find inspiration on Pinterest, I feel it is unethical to copy another's creative work. I will happily take your example and create my own design from that.

2. What are the steps and how long does it take to create my custom request? 

You will always speak directly with me (Jennifer, owner and designer). The custom order process is very simple. Once I receive your email request I will respond asking for certain details to put your design together. I then will create 2-3 digital designs and send them to you via email to choose from. You may tweak as necessary until we get it the way you like. The timeline for this process depends on how long we take to finalize the design but typically no more than 2 or 3 business days. No physical work begins on your sign until designs are finalized and payment is made.

3. How long does it take to make the signs?

We are a small, yet busy home based business and all of our wood signs are handmade and hand painted. The entire process can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on the size of your particular sign. However we do try to get most out within 10 business days when possible. I work longer hours in the holiday season to ensure pieces are received by Christmas but our order cutoff date will normally be before Thanksgiving for that to be possible.

4. Where do you ship to?

All over the US! We have happy, repeat customers from Georgia to California!

5. What if we can't come to an agreement on a design?

Your satisfaction is my goal, but if I cannot create a design that you love, you are in no way obligated to buy from me. I do not take payment until you have chosen a design so you are not at any risk by submitting a request.

6. Do you only create Christian signs?

Christ is the foundation of all that we do so yes we try to keep our work centered around that. Not everything has to be a Bible verse, but we do keep our quotes narrowed down to the Christian faith. If there is a quote that is important to you just submit it to us and we will discuss it. But to save us both some time, keep this in mind...

We WILL NOT create anything that contradicts our faith and values.

No politics, profanity, sexually suggestive material or promotion of drugs, alcohol or violence toward anyone.

You can get that stuff from just about anywhere else.

We desire to create the pieces that you can't get just anywhere and that will move your heart toward worship.

I hope this answers most of your questions. If you have one that is not listed here please feel free to contact me at jennifer@peppershacktradingco.com

I make every attempt to respond within 24 hours or the next business day.