Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles

With an approximate burn time of 100 hours you’ll have lots of time to enjoy these amazing scents throughout your home and without the side effects that many scented candles can cause.


Cleaner Fragrance (100% Phthalate-Free Candles)

Did you know that most scented candles (and scented cosmetic products for that matter) use fragrance oils that contain phthalates?  Because phthalates are used in the fragrance manufacturing process, it never has to be placed on the label, but the health effects of phthalates will shock you including:

  • Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • Hormone Disruption
  • Gestational Diabetes

Approximately 100 hours of burn time

Wood Wick Candles
In a nutshell, most candles have 4 major issues that we wanted to solve:
1. Tunneling - most candles do not melt all of the wax off of the sides of the jar meaning you lose valuable burn

2. Dangerous wax - most candles are made of paraffin wax (cheap wax known to cause a lot of health issues
including some links to leukemia). This cheap wax is also responsible in part for the dark smoke that comes off of
the candle. In fact, a paraffin wax candle is so dangerous to air quality that it will kill a Parakeet in just a few

3. Dangerous wicks - most cotton wicks contain a metal core which can pollute your air quality and is particularly
dangerous for those with asthma.

4. Dangerous scent - most candles contain fragrance oils which contain a chemical called phthalates (THAEL-ATES
- almost sounds like towel, but thael). This chemical is responsible for most of the headaches people experience
when burning candles and has been linked to hormone disruption, endocrine disruption, and some fertility issues.

Our Solutions:
1. Tunneling is not possible with our candles because we use an appropriately sized wood wick which extends the
burn radius. This increases your burn time to between 80-100 hours with normal burn patterns.
2. Safe wax is important to us, which is why we chose soy wax. It has a reputation for burning clean (not black),
burning slow, and does not have any links to cancer or bird killing. ;)
3. We use a combination wood wick and cloth wick, but the cloth does not contain the typical metal core down the
middle, it is just 100% cotton wicking. Clean to burn and easy to light. No special instructions - just light the
cotton, the cotton lights the wood wick, and it burns all the way down.
4. All of our fragrance oils have been specifically manufactured without the use of phthalates. This provides an enjoyable alternative for most people who suffer from headaches that are so common with bath and bodyworks candles, walmart candles, etc.

Most people ask - why the double wick in the first place?

While wood wicks have had a good reputation for years, the patent on wood wick ran out a few years ago and one very important change was made. The wood was initially coated in oil to help with lighting and to prevent the wood from absorbing to much moisture in case it was burned in the bathroom or during a rainy / humid day. Without the oil coating, wood wicks traditionally fail to light about 25% of the time due to excess moisture
absorption. Instead of oil coating each of our wicks, we have added the cotton wick (which always burns) to keep the wood wick dry and help with lighting (most wood wicks take about 45 seconds to initially light) - the cotton wick takes about 3 seconds

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